Leather Craft Classes

You are about to embark on a hobby, or even a business, in the world of leatherwork. For some, it is a venture to make a few items for yourselves, family and friends; for others it may become an all consuming passion and even a substantial livelihood.

One of the most important things to remember is that everyone's pace of learning and mastering skills will vary - have fun and enjoy...

We have designed a few classes to suit most needs, from couples or friends having fun and learning a new skill or individuals embarking on a new experience... but we are in no way limited to these classes, should you require a tailor made class, that can be arranged.


Beginner Leather Craft Class: Leather Experience  
You've seen some leather goods on social media and think that leather crafting is an activity that could interest you as a hobby, but you want to try it out before you make the investment, this is your course.
Duration: 1 day
Skill/Experience: None or basic
Item: City Slim Wallet, Leather Journal Cover, Sunglasses Case
Tools & Materials: Provided
  • Cutting leather from a pattern
  • Assembling your cut out pattern, and applying adhesive.
  • Marking & chiseling your product
  • Setting thread in a harness needle
  • Saddle stitching technique.
  • Sewing and finishing your item
  • Basic burnishing.


    Bag Makers / Advanced Leather Craft Class:
    Duration: approx 3-6 days
    Skill/Experience: Moderate, good basic leatherwork understanding
    Items: 22/26 Brogue Cross Body / Ladies Continental Zipper Wallet / Dream Brogue / Briefcase 
    Tools & Materials: Provided
    Cost: R3000/day
    Skills Acquired:
    • Leather selection / Pattern layout
    • Preparation of your cut pattern;
      • skiving (thinning your leather items)
      • edge creasing
      • applying & glueing linings 
      • Piping and/or binding preparation & insertion
      • edge stains and/or edge paints & preparation for techniques
    • Thread & Needle selection and preparation
    • Needle & thread Setting
    • Marking & pricking your product
    • Advanced Saddle stitching technique.
    • Sewing and finishing your item
    • Turning and shaping 


    Skills Developement Leather Craft Class: Strictly 1-on1 - (no Groups)
    Duration: 1- 3 days
    Skill/Experience: you have good to moderate leatherwork understanding, but you want to hone a particular skill set or group a couple together, whether it be hand sewing, edge painting or machine or hand skiving, we've got you covered
    Cost: R3000/day