Leather Craft Classes

Hosted by Max Pienaar in His Durban Studio

You are about to embark on a learning journey in the world of leatherwork.

There's a class for you

You are about to embark on a hobby, or even a business, in the world of leatherwork. For some, it is a venture to make a few items for yourselves, family and friends; for others it may become an all consuming passion and even a substantial livelihood.

One of the most important things to remember is that everyone's pace of learning and mastering skills will vary - have fun and enjoy...

We have designed a few classes to suit most needs, from couples or friends having fun and learning a new skill or individuals embarking on a new experience... but we are in no way limited to these classes, should you require a tailor made class, that can be arranged.

  • Olivia H. - Beginners Class

    Max’s beginner leather workshop was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I’ve had all year. Max is a great teacher and clearly talented leatherworker who’s very passionate about his craft. He confidently guides you through your project whilst leaving plenty of space for customization and personal choice. I absolutely love the brush roll we made together and will be using very long time. I’m very happy with both my experience and end product.

    Olivia H. - Durban, South Africa 

  • Zanet L. - Bag Making Class

    I have completed a week long bag making course with Max and see that as my best investment in the skill to date. The correct methods and tools are shared. Complements I've received after attending the course include things like ' your work is really next level' & 'wow! I love the detail in you work'. Thank you Max for sharing your love of the art with others. Really would recommend a course with him if you want to learn how to perfect the art and skill of leatherwork.

    Zanet L - Cape Town

  • Michelle S. - Bag Making Class

    The wonderful world of Savior. A week of training, making a bag and learning new skills in magical kingdom of Savior turned into a life experience. Max, the bag guru is a gifted instructor that shares his knowledge and skills with enthusiasm. 

    And there's no better supervisor, than Charlie. Big thank to you and your whole team at Savior

    Michelle S. - Walvisbay, Namibia

  • Gilbert T. - Bag Making Class

    A 5 star rating. I have learned a lot from Max in a very short period of time key skills in making leather goods.

    His attention to details, patience and mentoring skills are his key tenets that have contributed to my skills in working with leather. He is one of the few people in South Africa that I’ll recommend to anyone who wants to make handmade leather items!

    Gilbert T. - Centurion, South Africa

  • Elmari vdM. - Tote Class

    Max at Savior is an absolutely MUST for everyone starting with their new hobby or career path!

     I have learned so much from Max and got wisdom that would probably have taken me years to master.  Not only does he teach you the basics, he also guides you in how to do it right the first time. From using edgepaint,  stitching,  where to buy equipment and how to present your art and craft to people buying your products..what a learning curve!! 

    How to use the machines.. What to buy without wasting money and time, I can highly recommend a trip to Max and the Savior studio, you will not be disappointed.

    Elmari. VdM - Pretoria 

  • Derek W. - Bag Making Class

    Working with Max for those 3 days was simply not enough. I wanted to just continue in that creative studio space with so many possibilities, nonetheless learned  to approach artisan leatherwork differently, focus and attention to detail, always produce a good product that satisfies both artist and the fortunate recipient of the article .

    Time spent with Max's oversight , insights regarding; techniques, tools and materials and his delightful sense of humour enabled me to search and fathom my own desire to produce a worthwhile and beautiful piece.(my wife loves her bag)

    Max I came away enthused to continue this  journey of leather craft, you helped develop my patience and appreciation for the skills you so easily practice and share with others .Much respect for your work and honest reflections

    Derek W. - Somerset West, South Africa

  • Thomas G. - Advanced Briefcase Class

    Although I already had some experience as a leather craftsman I decided that I should be focusing more on fine European leathercraft so I booked Max for a week-long course to make a double gusseted formal briefcase.

     Max spared no expense on the materials, providing imported Italian vegetable tanned leather and Italian hardware. The value for money was excellent and Max devoted himself to teaching and sharing his knowledge with me every step of the way. He was encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about his craft. I managed to produce the most beautiful briefcase and learned a tremendous amount about the finer art of leathercraft. I highly recommend the experience, irrespective of your skill level, since Max provides workshops for beginners through to advanced artisans and you will learn a great deal.

    Thomas G. - Hillcrest, South Africa 

  • Johan M. - Wallet Making Class

    Don't try and reinvent the wheel!!

    I have two hobbies. I play a bit of guitar and I do leatherwork. 

    Now, my guitar playing is basic, very basic. And the reason is , I have never been to an expert to show me the ropes. 

    Now my leatherwork, the youngest of the two hobbies, is going much,  much better. And the reason is that I went for a beginners class wit Max from Saviour Artisanat. 

    The amount of info that I got, and can use in practice, was astounding! Max is an absolute master at what he does, and he does not mind showing you, and sharing his experience and knowledge that he gathered over the years. 

    If you are serious about your hobby, art or craft, taking a class with Max will eliminate heaps of frustration and save you a buck load of money. 

    Do yourself a favour. Go for the class. Get the experience and enjoy seeing a master at work. Take notes, learn, enjoy and go home and apply what you learned. It is a "blow your mind experience". You can thank me later for this advice. 

    While you are there, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Max and his wife are accomplished culinary experts as well. So enjoy, most probably, the best cup of Coffee and curry in Durban.   

    Enjoy the leather journey, stitch by stitch! 

    Thanks Max, you've changed my life!

    Johan M. - Thabazimbi, South Africa

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