Saphir Renovateur

Saphir Renovateur

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Fine leather such as Nappa leather are particularly supple and soft. These fragile skins require the optimal care.

The Saphir Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner is considered by many to be the absolute best all-purpose leather care product available worldwide. Saphir Renovateur is appropriate for use as a conditioner to your leather products and shoes. 

  • Most-popular Saphir product.
  • All-purpose cleaner and conditioner.
  • Water-based formulation - no solvents.
  • Rejuvenates leather through deep conditioning.
  • Contains waxes for soft matte patina.
  • Made in France.


Care Instructions

  1. Brush the item to remove dirt and dust.
  2. Apply Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner sparingly with a white cotton cloth.
  3. Leave to dry for three minutes.
  4. Polish the leather with a soft cotton or wool glove.